The Kharkov Regional Federation of the Aikido Aikikai

   Dear ladies and sirs!
   The Kharkov Regional Federation of the Aikido Aikikai (Ukraine) region is sports noncommercial organization registered in management of justice of Kharkovs (certificate #671 from September 13, 2000), license of management on physical culture, sports and tourism of regional state administration #4 from January 21, 2003. It is the unique plenipotentiary of the National federation of the Aikido of the Ukraine in the Kharkov.

   Aikido there is not a struggle with the opponent, and first of all struggle with itself and weakness! Not the opponent - the partner.

   We offer you the following kinds of employment:
   1. Aikido Aikikai - is offered professional training, seminars, international certificates, certification:
      - Children since 5 years and teenagers;
      - The adults - the age is not limited, any starting physical preparation, employment for the women and men;

   2. Individual employment.
   The employment pass at any time convenient for you. The trainings will be carried out in the Kharkov. Come on trainings, we wait for you.

   Curriculum of trainings: Monday, environment, Friday:
   - marriageable - 7.15-8.30
   - children - 17.00-18.15
   - teenagers (10-14 years) - 18.30-19.45
   - marriageable (beginners) - 20.00-21.15

   Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday:
   - children (6-8 years) - 17.00-18.15
   - children (8-10 years) - 18.30-19.45
   - marriageable - 20.00-21.15

   Additional information - on Facebook - Aikido Aikikai Federation Kharkov Region - Ukraine

President of the Representation of the Association of the Aikido Aikikai
of Ukraine in the Kharkov region Gennadiy Serovoy

The Kharkov Regional Federation of the Aikido Aikikai (Ukraine)
Phone +38 057 7559661, mob. +38 067 5750910, +38 066 1556213
Kotlova str., 96, Kharkov, Ukraine. E-mail:

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